Solutions for the wind industry

With 12 years’ experience in this area, our focus is the wind industry: we offer a wide range of services, from the tower factories – non-destructive testing and Easy-Laser® measurements – to the wind farms – inspection and repair of erected towers, preventive and predictive maintenance and other applications.

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Nondestructive Testing

Ultrasonic Testing
Since wind towers have a service life of about 20 years, ultrasonic testing is critical to detect failures that could compromise the structures’ integrity. Tech Wind specializes in this testing method. Our inspectors have more than 20 years’ experience using first-class manual and semi-automated ultrasonic equipment, capable of analyzing welds, forged and cast materials with speed and reliability.

Visual Testing of Welds
Visual tests have extreme importance in wind tower manufacturing: in addition to the clients’ aesthetic requirements, the coating durability depends directly on the towers’ finishing. Tech Wind’s VT inspectors are experienced and qualified, ready to fulfill the needs of the most demanding markets.

Magnetic Particle Testing
Capable of detecting surface and subsurface discontinuities, the magnetic particle test is used to guarantee the quality of unions welded by manual processes, e.g. tower internals’ welds. Tech Wind has qualified MT inspectors, capable of performing the test using either colored or fluorescent, dry or wet particles.

Dye Penetrant Testing
Penetrant testing has several applications in the industry, such as the inspection of weld roots, checking for leakages and detection of surface discontinuities. Tech Wind has PT certified inspectors, trained to perform the tests with visible and fluorescent dyes.

Coating Inspection (NACE)
The coating is certainly one of the most important elements when it comes to guaranteeing towers’, nacelles’ and blades’ lifespan. A good painting job helps avoiding corrosion and premature wear in those equipments. Tech Wind’s staff includes NACE Level I and Level II certified inspectors. We also have a wide range of equipment for visual inspection, dry film thickness measurement, pull-off test and gloss measurement.

Easy-Laser™ measurements

Large diameter flange measurements
Most towers in the world market have sections with diameters up to 5 meters (~16 feet). In order to ensure the wind turbine’s proper functioning, the bolt flanges used to connect the sections during the assembly must comply with strict flatness criteria. That flatness is measured using Easy-Laser™, a centesimal precision equipment specifically designed for this application. Tech Wind analyzes tower flanges and provides detailed reports of such measurements.

Flatness of large machine foundations
Easy-Laser™ can also be used to measure the flatness of foundations in large precision machines.

Parallelism of structures
We are able to measure the parallelism of large structures, guaranteeing quality during project execution.

Tower service (field services)

Nondestructive testing on erected towers
Tech Wind has a team of inspectors certified in various NDT methods and qualified for rope access. These professionals are trained to inspect assembled towers so, in case of failure or accidents, they are able to assess damages to the structures’ integrity.

Mapping, measurement and repair of indentations
Occasionally, tower sections may get struck or bumped during transportation, assembly or even in operation. Sometimes those bumps may damage the shell, leaving indentations (or dents). Tech Wind is authorized by major wind turbine manufacturers to measure, map and repair those dents in the field using its own equipment, custom-designed for this purpose.

Repair and replacement of tower internals
We have an experienced team trained for the repair and/or replacement of internal accessories in assembled towers. Repairs are performed using rope access techniques.

Welding repairs at height
Tech Wind has certified welders with all the training required to perform high complexity welds – even in hard-to-reach places that require rope access.

Coating repairs and periodic maintenance
Our team is trained and provided with all the equipment necessary to perform paint repairs on the field – both on the ground and on erected towers. We also issue inspection reports, ensuring the quality of the service provided within the requirements of international standards.

Inspection and repair of composite materials
Tech Wind is authorized by most blade manufacturers to perform inspection and repairs on their parts. Composite inspection can be performed using video equipment and/or rope access techniques.

Quality Consulting

Technical Consulting
Tech Wind has Level III Nondestructive Testing Inspectors (ultrasonic testing, magnetic particles, dye penetrant and visual testing) and NACE Level II Coating Inspectors. We are able to provide customized services for your company, such as the development of NDT procedures, NACE painting and inspection procedures, etc.

Composite Materials
Our professionals are able to prepare repair procedures, perform vacuum repairs and provide other specific services regarding composite materials.

Engineering solutions
We can provide engineering solutions in order to perform services in your own site, reducing transportation costs and causing lower impact on operation.